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Aerothlon Malinalco


1.-Competitors must wear the special t-shirt at the start line, showing the assigned number on the front.


2. - The signed route must be follow without any help to the transition point.


3. – Nonstop time is recorder as the athlete general time. Transition time will be add and integrated to his general time


4. - Pilots will wear the paraglide equipment and checked in the revision point to be able to fly

Helmet, sail, emergency parachute, harness, gloves, radio 2mts and GPS are obligatory

Team competitors will be ready in place. They will go through the checking point before entering the flying point.


5.-Will be one flying attempt, if it fails, the next in the line will try, before a new attempt is intended.


6.-The course will be previously save in the GPS and the score keeper will use the track, to approve the route


7.-After landing, (transition MTB) the pilot will leave the sail and the rest of his equipment, close to the bike.

If pilot cannot land in the official point, he could walk

If pilot fails in reaching the transition point.  He could ask control, by radio to free his MTB partner to go.

Team competitors whose pilots ask control to free that MTB must wait 15 minutes.


8. - Aeroathlets will leave the transition MTB waking and holding the bike they must wear helmet and gloves. The bike will show the assigned number.


9.-The bike route will be assigned in advance


10. - The winner will cross the final point in the best time after run the

three disciplines. The score keeper will validate results and publish them


11. - The race will finish after ______ hours after winner. Those running late will be notified and will leave the race


12.- In case the participant  fails the first flight attempt. He/she will validate one more attempt, re launch, as long as he pays to try one more time. No time penalty will apply


13.-During landing is prohibited any acrobatic display


14. - The judgers decision will follow these rules and their decision will be irrevocable  


15. - Attention, the briefing before the race will be the unique opportunity for participants to deliver their paraglide


16. - To recovers any price, competitors will show valid ID


17.- In men's mix category, the baton will be pass in the arch or line marked by the judge.


18.- In the duo category will be necessary for the  ilot and the biker to  ross the arch or line together,  as required by the judge The omision of  this rule DISQUALIFY the team.